Well it’s culture night again, an event we always look forward to here at Cork Arts Review. This there is so much happening, including the usual open door to some new additions. It seems to be a sign of the times, there are many more new spaces and arts groups routing out a place for themselves. We always find it hard to decide what to choose to go to on Culture night, as there is so much going on you just couldn’t see it all. So we have compiled a top ten list of things to do, in order of geographical placement so you don’t have to run back and forth across the town. But as often happens on culture night, you never end up where you thought you might, our main advice is go with the flow and don’t be too strict with your schedule, lap up the atmosphere which is what really makes this wonderful night a success. So here we go with our top ten (well kind of): 

 1- Starting off on Albert Quay take a peek into The Circus Factory where all sorts of acrobatics and cabaret shows and workshops will take place, along with cake, yes cake!

 2- Then move onto The National Sculpture Factory on Albert Road from 5pm-8.30pm where Dr. Zoe Laughlin presents the Institute of Making/Materials Library London, which will include workstations of various art, science, craft and ‘engineering of stuff’. It is work going to see this impressive building if you haven’t been here before, many of the resident artist will be there where you can see what is made in the National Sculpture Factory at any one time, from delicate ceramic bowls to large scale metal sculptures and installations. It’s really worth a look.

 3- From here make your way to the City Hall Plaza Party on Anglesea Street 4pm-10pm, a festival feel presentation of puppets from Cork Community Art Link and Music from the movies etc. If you fancy a little break now, pop across the road to Charlies bar for a refreshment and soak up the tunes from The Lee Sessions (Check the Culture night brochure for other bars where the Lee sessions will be playing throughout the night)

 4- So you’ve had a chance to put your feet up now you’re ready for the next event, so follow the river, carry on down to Sullivan’s Quay Sample Studios 6pm-12amHoused in the former fas/tax office, Sample studios boast 60 artists studios, 50 seater auditorium, darkroom, print room, theatre dance space all of which you can check out on the night, Sample studios is a vibrant space where you can get an idea of what is developing in the art, music and theatre scene in Cork. TACTIC is Samples gallery, which will present work by Cork Contemporary Projects moving image exhibition by Sarah Lundy.

 5- Continue down the river, all the way to CIT Wandesford Quay Gallery 6pm-9pm where they will launch an exhibition Boundary II combining art and science and the dialogue between the two. While you are here why not cross the courtyard to The Backwater Artists Group where the artists studios will be open and again, there will be cake!

 6- Just around the corner is CIT Crawford College Of Art And Design 7-9pm, where you can take part in free Ceramics and Print workshops which are always great fun, and you get to take your own fine art print home with you! And while you are here, take a look at the Crawford 100 exhibition, celebrating the buildings centenary with artifacts form the original technical college and artwork from current and past staff.

7- From here walk up to The Lewis Glucksman Gallery in UCC 5pm-10pm, where they will be turning the gallery into a live sketchbook for visitors to draw on, in line with their current exhibition on drawing and the moving image Motion Capture. 

 8-Now you are well warmed up with your print in hand and some drawing done it’s time to mosey across the road to Fitzgerald’s park to Art In The Park 4pm-8pm, with cartoon workshops for the kids, drawing workshops and tai chi and an exhibition of Jewellery, Drawings and prints by artist Patricia Gurgel-Segrillo who will be there on hand should you want to know anything about her work or the Art in the Park project.

 9- Next up head back into town, to The Triskle Christchurch and Black Mariah Gallery 6pm-11pm on Tobin Street, this buiding is a hive of activity with Theatre, Art, great food and drinks and stunning renovated church. The main feature we recommend to see here is TRAWK at The Black Mariah ‘addressing exhibition termination, re visitation, and celebration. STRAWK will sensitively tend to and audio physically interfere with Carl Giffneys – Bringloid V Colony installation’. And once you’ve done that, if it’s still open visit Barbara Hubert Bookbindery 4pm-7pm across the lane from the Triskle. It is a treat to see the tools and material used to make a bespoke handmade book.

 10- Right it’s time to find somewhere to sit back and relax now so head on down to Cornmarket Street for a special outdoor screening programme of 16mm experimental film works by Esperanza Collade and Aoife Desmond of the Experimental Film Club, Dublin. 9pm – midnight. That’s where you’ll find us resting our weary feet.





2 thoughts on “Culture Night in Cork, Our top ten things to see and do

    • Hello Con, The culture night events ran throughout the country on Friday night (21st September). It is an annual event, so unfortunately you’ll have to wait until next year. This year was a great success and there was a fantastic turn out to all events.

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