Like many bars around town The Pavillion on Carey’s Lane has opened it’s doors as an exhibition space and the latest work on show there comes from the streets of Cork by the graphic artist who goes by the name of Vincent Zara. You may recognise his graffiti and stencil art around town which are often parodies of Irish Politicians in various guises. For this exhibition the work is done on canvas and the beautiful Pavillion brick walls have remained untouched, although it would be interesting to see one of these pieces directly on the wall. Some of the standout pieces include an Iconic scene from Reservoir Dogs, but with the heads replaced with Enda Kenny and Bertie Ahern’s.  Or Enda Kenny as Pinocchio. Vincent Zara’s satirical look at Ireland’s political characters transforms the heavy, depressed attitude towards the economic problems and the poeple in charge of them and instead offers a comical commentary, which is serious but leaves one feeling a little less depressed than listening to midday and late night political debate shows on radio or TV or listening to the taxi driver on the way home after an enjoyable night out, by the time it’s all over all joy is gone. Most pieces are executed well, the pieces are clear and clever. Vincent Zara is also known for his stencils of Cork Musical legends, most notably Rory Gallagher. Some people may think that graffiti has no purpose and is just vandalism, and I agree when it affects someone’s business or home. But since a large amount of the city’s retail unit’s are empty and unsightly hoarding covers up unfinished(never to be finished) buildings and renovations that a little art in the right place can bring a smile to someones day. But if you’re totally against graffiti, get into the Pavillion for a little legal indulgence. Needless to say I walked home and avoided taking a taxi home after viewing the show, I wanted to savour the humour for just a little while longer.

By Vincent Zara, The Pavillion, Careys Lane



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